What Is The Best Boston Terrier Crate Size? (Pictures & Recommendations)

When you first get your Boston Terrier, you will quickly learn that it may not be able to be with you 24/7. Work, sleep, and stores that are not pet-friendly mean you’ll need to leave your dog alone at some point. When you do, a crate may be the best option.

So, what is the best crate size for a Boston Terrier? A 24” crate is recommended for Boston Terriers. The crate should have a divider panel, a lower pan, and two doors. Do not get a dog crate if the dog cannot stand up fully without touching the top of the crate.

Did you know there are different types of crates for different purposes? We didn’t until we got our first dog. Let’s take a look.

How do I pick the right size crate for a Boston Terrier?

Choosing the right type and size of crate for your Boston Terrier dog is not difficult. Based on the average size of a Boston Terrier, a 24” crate is recommended. Crates are measured based on height. So, a 24” crate is 24 inches tall. 

Boston Terriers are considered a small breed dog, average 15-17 inches tall, and weigh 15-25 lbs. There are some interesting Boston Terrier stats in our comparison of Boston Terriers to French Bulldogs.

When measuring an adult Boston Terrier for a crate, be sure they are standing with their head up and ears up. You want to include the ear height in the measurement.

For a general, more permanent crate for your home, a wire crate with double doors is recommended. A double door crate has a door on one end and a door on one side. This allows you flexibility when changing the placement of the crate the next time you rearrange the furniture. 

Be sure your crate has a solid pan for the bottom of the crate. The pan sits above the bottom wires of the crate. Never make your dog walk and sleep on the wire of a crate. You wouldn’t like and neither do they. We prefer plastic pans as they do not rust and are easy to clean. 

Can you use the same dog crate for puppies and adults?

Yes, with a little bit of luck, you can buy a crate that will work great for the life of your Boston Terrier dog. 

That is why we recommend purchasing a dog crate that has one or more divider panels. 

A divider panel attaches to the walls of a crate in order to divide the space into a smaller usable area for a puppy. 

As your Boston Terrier grows, the divider panel can be moved to increase the space available to your adolescent dog. When fully grown, the divider panel can be removed completely. 

What is the right type of crate for my dog?

Dog crates are not all made for all purposes. Choosing the right crate for the right job is important. 

There are three primary types of dog crates:

  1. Permanent – Wooden/Built-in
  2. Semi-permanent – Metal/Wire crates
  3. Long travel – Plastic/Closed 
  4. Around Town – Soft sided
  5. Combination – Multifunction

Permanent Dog Crates

When we talk about permanent dog crates, we are covering custom builtin crates or those built into a piece of furniture. 

Yes, just like a built-in bookcase, some dog owners have custom dog crates built right into their homes. Obviously you’ll need to be quite handy or hire a carpenter to make this option happen. 

Semi-Permanent – Wire Crates

We call wire crates semi-permanent because they are highly durable and are the most common type of crate to sit in your home.

These crates are made of a metal wire large mesh. As we discussed above, divider panels and pans should be part of your wire crate purchase.

As an additional benefit, most wire crates fold flat making storage and transportation fairly easy when not in use.

Long Travel – Plastic Crates

Plastic, closed sided dog crates are recommended for long travel, including airline travel. We do not recommend them for regular, daily, home use. 

The ventilation inside plast crates is not nearly as good as wire crates which is why we want to minimum the amount of time your Boston Terrier spends in them. 

Around Town – Soft Sided Crates

Soft sided crates have a breathable cloth or mesh material forming the sides. These can be fine for small breeds for a day out with you. 

Nylon material crates are not durable and are not suitable for dogs who scratch, dig, or chew on things. There are heavier duty materials that made for more durable crates.

Even with nylon sides, these crates can get stuffy and hot so be sure to check on your pupper often. 

Tips for crate training your Boston Terrier

Crate training your Boston Terrier dog can be a quick process. 

Here are a few tips we’ve learned with multiple dogs. 

  1. Start Early – The earlier you work with your dog to be comfortable in it’s crate, the simpler things will be. 
  2. Know your goal – Are you going to be flying with your Boston Terrier, or will a crate be a safe place for them while you are at work? Knowing your goal will help you decide what and how to train.
  3. Start short and increase time – The goal of any crate training is that your dog feels safe and comfortable in its crate. Start with 30 seconds in and then left them out. Over the course of the week, gradually increase the time. Before long, you’ll be 100%.
  4. Be consistent – Boston Terriers can learn quickly. You must be consistent. Use the same word for the crate. We say “kennel” and they know to walk into the crate. Use the same hand gestures. Use the same tone of voice. Consistency helps your dog know what you are actually wanting them to do.

Dog crates as furniture?

Did you know that dog crates can actually be furniture? 

We’ve found some fancy digs for your Boston Terriers that are functional and stylish. 

Kennel & Crate in Stillwater, OK makes custom-crafted crates that are functional pieces of furniture like desks and tables. Check out this desk.

Kennel and Crate Luxury Dog Crates – https://kennelandcrate.com/

You can find similarly styled units on Wayfair, Etsy, and even Walmart. 

How long can I leave my dog in a crate? That depends on your dog. A healthy adult dog can be in crate for 8-9 hours but less is encouraged. By that time, your pup needs to exercise, eat, drink, pee and poop. Lots of love and affection is well deserved. 

What is the best dog crate to buy for my Boston Terrier? We have a number of recommendations based on personal experience along with those most often recommended well by other owners. We’ll add those to our recommendations list. 

In the meantime, this crate is a solid, long lasting, high-quality wire crate that we use daily. 

The Midwest Life Stages 24″ wire mesh kennel is the new version of the crate we use.

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