Can Boston Terriers Eat Bananas? 10 Safe Fruits & Veggies

Feeding your Boston Terrier food that is healthy and not harmful is something every good owner wants. We love to dote on our Bostons but have had to learn what is safe and what is not. 

So, can Boston Terriers eat bananas? Yes, Boston Terriers can eat raw bananas in moderation. Bananas are not inherently poisonous and provide your Boston with fiber, vitamins C and B6, potassium, and magnesium. While the peel is not toxic, discard it to reduce choking or intestinal blockage issues. Boston Terriers should not eat more than 2-4 slices of banana per week.

While Bananas are ok to feed your Boston Terrier in moderation, not all fruits are safe. Let’s look at what puts Bananas on the good list and what other fruits are safe to share.

Why are bananas ok to feed your dog?

Bananas are usually ok to feed your Boston Terrier. However, moderation is the key. Like humans, too much of any single food can cause problems, and the same goes for Boston Terriers.

Bananas contain vitamins C and B6. Vitamin C is thought to be helpful for its antioxidant properties. Vitamin B Complex, including B6, may help fight fatigue and improve appetite. 

While vitamins are good, bananas also contain fiber, which can assist digestive health. They also contain potassium and magnesium. While these sound good, the quantities in a few banana slices probably won’t make a significant health difference for your Boston if already eating a balanced diet.

When are bananas bad for dogs?

Bananas can be problematic when eaten in excess. Always check with your vet before trying new foods.

2-4 slices of banana per week should be the upper limit of feeding. Too much of any fruit or vegetable can cause diarrhea or vomiting. 

Bananas, like many fruits, contain high levels of natural sugar. These sugars and carbohydrates can add to obesity or other weight issues. Again, moderation is the real key. 

How to serve bananas for dogs? 

There are a few different ways to serve your Boston Terrier bananas. No matter what, only do raw banana, never cooked or added to other cooked, processed human food. 

  1. Raw sliced bananas – Just peel, slice and give as a treat. 
  2. Mashed bananas – Easy, just peel, slice, and then mash. This will be a lick-fest so be ready to clean up afterward. Serve in a non-breakable, washable dish.
  3. Mashed in dog food – Mashed the raw bananas and mix in with dog food. Clean up may be more manageable.
  4. Frozen Banana Slices – for a more playful approach, peel, slice, and then freeze each banana slice. Then look out on hard floors. Banana Boston hockey is about to begin.

10 Fruits and Vegetables Boston Terriers can eat

Bananas are not the only fruit dogs can eat. Remember that with all fruits and vegetables we list here, check with a vet and be sure to practice moderation. 

The 90/10 rule is a good example. 90% of your dog’s calories should come from dog food, a standard doggie diet. 10% can be from other sources, like treats, vegetables, fruits, etc…

Here is our list of 10 fruits and vegetables Boston Terriers can eat when raw:

  1. Bananas
  2. Apples
  3. Carrots – This is our Bostons’ favorite!
  4. Broccoli
  5. Blueberries
  6. Sweet Potatoes
  7. Pumpkin (NOT pie filling)
  8. Pumpkin seeds
  9. Strawberries (washed and stem removed)
  10. Peaches (pit entirely removed)

Can I feed my dog banana bread?

No, while banana bread does contain bananas, it also has many other ingredients. Your Boston may be fine with a little bit if there are no raisins or other toxic ingredients, but we don’t recommend it.

Some dogs have wheat allergies and the added sugar in banana bread certainly isn’t going to help reduce cancer concerns or weight problems.

Banana pudding, banana bread, banana pie, or any other banana goods are not something you want to feed your Boston Terrier.

The only good banana to feed your dog is a peeled, raw banana.

Help! My dog ate my banana bread!

Ok. Banana bread itself is not inherently toxic to dogs. However, it can cause severe gastrointestinal issues. We’re talking about things like vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain for your pupper.

We had a similar experience with a different type of food. The vet told us not to give her any other food that day as a starting point.

Hydration with the diarrhea was a big concern. Keep plenty of water available and even a little Pedialyte in the water.

The vet had us give a specific amount of Immodium, but I don’t want you guessing on that with this blog post. Talk to your vet, please!

The vet did ask, over the phone, if her breath smelled sweet. Apparently, this could indicate renal/kidney failure or significant diabetes. Never knew that before.

After about 18 hours or so, we started her on a bland diet of boiled chicken and plain old white rice. Just a little bit at a time.

She was fine and back to normal after about 48 hours.

Is it ok to feed a green banana to my Boston Terrier?

Sure, if you like bananas that are more green than yellow, that’s ok. 

Greener bananas have a lower sugar content and therefore cause less of a glycemic spike. 

Go head, feed 2-4 slices of a raw, peeled, green banana to your dog as long as the vet says it’s ok to feed them bananas, period.

Related Questions

What if my Boston Terrier doesn’t like bananas? If you Boston Terrier does not like bananas, try freezing them. They may prefer the cold, hard consistency better. 

What can Boston Terriers not eat? Dogs, including Boston Terriers, absolutely cannot eat grapes or raisins. They can cause kidney failure. Also, stay away from cherries due to the choking hazard and the cyanide contained in the pit. A little bit of the cherry flesh is ok if you are careful.

*DISCLAIMER – Just a reminder that this post and all content on this site is our personal commentary and experience. We are not veterinarians or professionals and are not providing advice about your dog’s health and safety. We always recommend you talk to your vet about any specific questions you may have.

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